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If you're looking for a new pre-workout that will provide great energy, pumps, focus AND endurance WITHOUT the tingles, Warning Order by Force Element WILL NOT dissapoint!

Let's break it down at the ONE scoop serving as opposed to the TWO scoop advanced serving. 

For Energy:

They have added 125mg of Caffeine, a small amount but not to be taken lightly when you notice the ONE scoop will provide a nice kick of 300mg of Stimulants! 

Next they've added 75mg of TeaCrine & Dynamine, the two ingredients provide a great release of natural energy without the negative effect on the CNS (central nervous system), meaning that you will not experience the jitters or anxiousness some have come to feel with the high caffeinated pre-workouts. 

PLUS, too much caffeine has been shown to inhibit pumps. 

For Focus:

They have added Choline Bitatrate, great for increaseing Acetyl Choline in the brain to increase focus, memory and cognition.

Along with that, they've added Huperzine-A which helps keep up the concentration of Acetyl-Choline by inhibiting the breakdown of Acetyl Choline. 

For Pumps:

This is where it gets fun, in the 1 scoop we get 3g of Citrulline, a not to shabby amount to help with the production of Nitric Oxide to dialate blood vessels bringing in more blood & oxygen giving us that juicy pump. 

To top it off, VASO6 has been added in to further help with pumps, this trademarked ingredient as been shown to increase nitric oxide substantially gram for gram to other vaso dialators, with 150mg being added in to each scoop, equivalent of another 2g of Citrulline & 4g of Argnine. 

For Endurance:

PeakO2 is what has been used to replace Beta-Alanine and for good reason, there is no loading required and no tingles associated to receive the endurance benefits of PeakO2. 
Rather than buffering lactic acid, PeakO2 works by providing increased Oxygen supply to working muscle thus increasing endurance, so you can get the most out of every workout! 

Force Element Warning Order get our thumbs up as one of our TOP favourire Pre-workouts! 

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