International Protein Glutamine 500g


This glutamine agent from International Protein provides you with the most abundant amino acid found in muscle (about 60 percent of its total content) and is the chief amino acid used in exercise. Whilst glutamine can be obtained from a balanced diet, supplementing glutamine is often needed in order to restore losses following a workout.

Numerous studies have shown that glutamine supplementation may assist with recovery by combating muscle degradation whilst promoting muscle protein formation.

International Protein's "naturally fermented" L-glutamine is made with an exclusive process, followed by an extraction/purification stage that produces a very pure form of L-glutamine.

Because it's made naturally the product has a cleaner flavour and a less metallic after-taste than that synthetic L-glutamine.

International Protein's glutamine is a low allergy product, free from gluten and animal products. It's made from 100% pure fermented L-glutamine

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