JDN 100% Whey Protein


JDN Supplements Protein is 100% Whey Protein composed of both fast release Whey Protein Isolate and slower release Whey Protein Concentrate making the perfect all-round protein for post workout recovery and in-between meals as a snack to help increase protein intake.

JDN 100% Whey Protein have also got it coverered for those with sensitive stomach's with added digestive enzymes to help breakdown lactose and protein! 

Who is this suitable for?

JDN 100% Whey Protein is suited to those looking to use a protein post workout for lean muscle recovery AND for those looking for a protein to also use throughout the day. 

How should i use this protein?

This protein is best mixed with ONE to TWO scoops in 250-500ml of cold chilled water post-workout.

This protein can also be used throughout the day in your favourite smoothies to increase the protein! 


Now, the flavours, the fun part! 

JDN have cut no corners when it comes to flavouring these proteins and thankfully have produced flavours that are a tad different the the generic over-done flavours.

This protein is available in..... wait for it..... wait for it....:

  • Milk Chocolate Brownie
  • Dreamy Vanilla 
  • Honeycomb 
  • Chocolate Mint 

This protein is also Australian Owned, GLUTEN FREE and Approved for Sport.

Grab your today!


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