Slimtum Prometheus


Prometheus Slimtum is a fat Burner that has been shown to have amazing feedback.

The product comes capsulated and can be used as a daily supplement for fat loss and energy levels or prior exercise to provide an increase in energy. 

Prometheus Slimtum also contains the Dandelion root, Horsetail extract, Walnut bark extract, Bitter orange peel extract, Olive extract, Grape seed extract and Chromium Polynicotinate, and Bioperine.

These ingredients enable Prometheus Slimtum to offer the myriad of benefits that it contains. 

As earlier mentioned, the Prometheus Slimtum offers users a range of benefits due to the range of constituents present in the fat burner product.

  • Increased Metabolism: Due to the presence of some amino acids, Prometheus Slimtum increases metabolism which has been shown to increase fat burning in the body.
  • Deliver Powerful Energy: Prometheus Slimtum also contains Carnitine which helps the body convert body fat directly to energy. Apart from the fat burner effect of this, it also helps user gain extra energy to carry out their day to day activities.
  • Reduce Appetite and Cravings: Prometheus Slimtum contains a number of natural products that have been proven to help reduce appetite and cravings thereby reducing the number of calories consumed daily.
  • Eliminating Bloating and Water Weight: nobody enjoys feeling bloated, Prometheus Slimtum is a fat burner that helps fix bloating and that water weight feeling.

See for yourself why this is one of our most requested fat burners!

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